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Reclaimed: The Book of Ezra

This five-week series addresses what God did for the Jewish people throughout the events recorded in the book of Ezra.

Through failure, forgetting what is important, and sin, we may become exiles attempting to return to God.

However, just as in the book of Ezra God reclaimed “The Jews” according to God’s promises, God also reclaims and redeems our lives for God’s purpose in this world.

Week 1: July 15


Text:Ezra 1:1–11
God remembers his promises despite our past and our sin.

Week 2: July 22

God is Sovereign

Text: Ezra 1:1–4; 5:6–12; 7:11–26
God uses unlikely people to accomplish his purposes and bless the community of faith.

Week 3: July 29

The Temple if God

Text:Ezra 3:1–13; 6:19–22
We no longer worship God at a temple in a specific location; instead, our bodies and lives are the dwelling places of God’s presence and the locations of worship.

Week 4: August 5

The Gift of Remembrance

Text:Ezra 5:17–6:12
God will reclaim and recall to our minds the truth we have forgotten.

Week 5: August 12

Hope is Powerful

Text:Ezra 9:1–15; 10:1–4

God’s unfailing love comes to us when we fail and repent.

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